Category One

Q: Who do I contact in the event of a vehicle accident?

The contact number for Manitoba Public Insurance is 204-985-7000. They will walk you through the claims process and assist with any questions or concerns. 

Q: What impacts my auto insurance rates?

Your auto insurance premium can be impacted by many factors including: 

- Your driving record

- How you use your vehicle

- The make, model and year of your vehicle

- Your insurance options including coverage, deductibles and value of your vehicle 

Please contact one of our offices to get a detailed response that applies directly to you. 

Q: Ridesharing? Will my insurance cover that?

 Manitoba Public insurance has coverage for you that will respond in the event of a claim. The best option is to contact our office to review how this would apply to you and the use of your vehicle. 

Category Two

Q: I will be away from my home for an extended period. Am I covered?

An empty home can be a higher risk. Why you ask? Damage can go unnoticed for a longer period, which can increase the severity of damages. If a pipe were to burst, the water damage could go undetected for a longer duration which in turn could result in far more extensive damage.  

This is why an empty home can void a home insurance policy. In order to minimize the risk, insurance companies often require a home to be checked in on every 48-72 hours. The exact period of time varies by insurer, so be sure you know what your home insurance policy requires by contacting us to review all the options with you. 

Q: Tenants insurance? Why would I need that?

If you are renting a house, condo or your first apartment you may want to consider tenants insurance. We all accumulate personal belongings along our paths and in the event of a loss would you be able to replace all those items on your own? 

Your landlords insurance is in place to cover there property and not yours. In the event of a loss you would be responsible for replacing your belongings which can become quite costly quite quickly. In addition if you were responsible for a loss, you could be held financially responsible for the damage. tenants insurance is there to help you through this process and respond where it can.

The best bet is to contact our office and review the cost and how tenants insurance can be there for you.  

Q: Cyber Insurance

New cyber trends seem to be occurring frequently. New apps, new devices and how they connect to our home is certainly a trend that keeps growing and growing. There is now coverage to help protect you from the most common threats.

They include cyber attack, cyber extortion, online fraud and data breach coverage. This can be added onto your home or business insurance with many of our companies. Contact our offices to review with our team if this coverage is right for you and to gain a better understanding of what this means in our everchanging digital world.