With this cold snap hitting close to home a power outage is something can happen during this cold winter season. It could be a strong wind, heavy snow or a vehicle that slid into a power pole that can cause a power failure. The more you are prepared, the less of an inconvenience this will be. Most power outages only last a few seconds or minutes however in rare circumstances it can last days or weeks. 

Be Prepared: 

Have emergency supplies ready. These can include: 

  • Flash Light/candles/matches/lighters
  • Batteries
  • Blanket and warm clothing

Protect Your Appliances and Electronics:

if you do find yourself without power there are steps that you can take to protect your electronics and appliances. 

  • Unplug your electrical appliances to avoid a power surge
  • You can protect electrical appliances with a surge protecting bar
  • Check breakers and the power lines to your house. If the lines are damaged or down remember to stay back and call the appropriate service providers
  • Don't open the fridge or freezer unless absolutely necessary to conserve your food

Review Your Home Insurance: 

Contact one of our offices to speak with our insurance brokers to learn about the types of coverage available and to ensure you are covered for the concerns for your property.

Let Morris Insurance Brokers help you find the home insurance package for you.